Most people are amazed on how one should launch the directory website, well we help lot of people achieve their goal of starting the directory website. Most basic steps to launch one are simple.

a) Select a niche or directory

Most important is to decide on niche or directory you want to enter. It is very hard to launch a very generic directory and make it successful where a niche could be develop to handle this. Decide upon the niche you want to take for your business initiative.

b) Select a domain name

Next task is to select a good domain name for your directory website. Make sure to keep it simple, if possible your niche industry name should be there. A good domain name can take care of half of the task. ( godaddy , namecheap )

c) Select a hosting for your Directory Website

It is important to select a good hosting so that you concentrate on the development of your directory website. Selection is critical, you need to check the space, server OS , bandwidth requirement. we recommend this hosting for your website. ( best hosting we recommend  )

d) Installing the Directory Script

Once you are done with hosting inform us we will create a license file and install directory website on the your hosting. When you buy our Directory Script it comes with free installation.  Our directory script has most important features for your website.

e) Customize Your directory website

It is important you get your website customized. This can be done free or more customization can be carried out if you have some budget. Small customization can be customized by your self from the control panel of the directory software for your website. If you need enhanced directory customization, Our team can create customize directory website design for your directory project.

f) Configure to generate revenues

You need to configure the website to generate revenues. You can finalize the on packages you want to charge, configure banners from google adsense or similar networks. Once you have done this you are ready to invite traffic so that revenues good come in.

g) Market the website to get more traffic

Now you need to market you website via various methods. Choosing the method depends on the budget you have to market your website. You can start low cost via intial search engine launch program of ours , PPC from google adwords & informing your list database. We highly recommend to choose the program of your choice.

For more information check our features list page of Directory Software. For more information on how we can customize directory website project check the customization area of the website.

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complete checklist for
Directory Website


complete checklist for

Directory Website

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